Interactive poster

Yellow is a contemporary R&B venue that uses its platform to spread awareness on discrimination against Asian minorities. The concept is inspired by the Asian American owned, Mass Media company, 88Rising.

The prompt for this project was to create a large-scale digital poster for a hypothetical music festival that addresses a social issue. As an Asian American, I chose a topic I can personally relate to. I conceptualized the venue as a bold, and unapologetic organization. The title Yellow is meant to make viewers react the way they should when witnessing racism against Asians. One of the main problems of racism against Asians is that many people don’t see it as a big deal, especially when compared to racism against other POC groups. Labeled as the “model minority” there is also this belief that Asians have it the best, socially and economically, among the minorities and therefore racism against Asians doesn’t happen. The truth of the matter is Asian minorities also experience discrimination. This poster specifically addresses the identity crisis many young Asian minorities experiences as a result of constantly being made to feel as if they don’t belong.

Art Direction

Scott Laserow




Yellow is meant to be interacted with on a life-sized digital kiosk. When a user press on an artist’s image a speech bubble will appear with a quote by them. The images will also initiate a song by the artist, which can be turned on and off by the play/pause button.

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