The prompt for this project was to create an app for the visually impaired. I’ve decided to created an app that aids shoppers who have difficulty reading nutrition labels. Markit began as a team project for the inital development of the UX/UI. Later, each member further developed the app on their own as well as for the design.

Art Direction

Scott Laserow



Studies have shown that vision loss was the highest among people in their 40s and older. Since the target audience was mainly the older age group, it was crucial to factor in the possibility users may or may not be too comfortable with technology. I’ve decided to keep the illustration lighthearted and inviting to make the app less intimidating and appear user-friendly.



UX/UI of Markit was designed using Adobe Xd. The process included: Initial wireframe layout; refined sketch with initial prototype flow; further design of app with introduction to color, and refined flow; final design and flow.