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Eden is a hypothetical old fashioned vegan restaurant that only uses organic ingreidents. The concept relates to the garden of Eden from the Bible, which was the origin of food. Its style is mature, classic, and natural, which is expressed through its muted colors and san serif font. For this project I created a logo, menus, wine packaging, coasters, and napkins.

Art Direction

Erica Keith


Austin Hart


In the Garden of Eden there are two important trees. There is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which most know of, and there is the Tree of Life which is said to give enternal life for Adam and Eve so that they can live in the paradise forever. I incorporated the Tree of Life into the logo to connect the meaning behind the tree to the restaurant. 


The menus are designed as branches that would be displayed in vases. I created a main menu and a wine menu. For the main menu, each leaf would contain the menu options for the different courses of their meal. It includes:  starters, entrees, desserts, and two beverage menus, one for alcoholic drinks and one for non-alcoholic drinks. The wine menu includes white, red, rosé, and sparkling wine options. The shape of the leaves and the color palettes are inspired by the plant Caladium, also known as Jesus Heart. The branches are real branches I collected and assembled together using mod podge, garden tape, other adhesives, and wires


I thought that it would be appropriate for Eden have their own wine given that wine was a popular drink in the biblical text. I decided on a pomegranate wine because the fruit from the tree of knowledge. The hypothetical wine would be imported from Israel Galilee, a significant location from the scripture. This location is also known to have many wineries and vineyards.

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