Interactive code designs

Creative codings is a coding course I took at Tyler School of Art and Architecture. In this class, students learned and experimented with coding to create art, animations, and interactions. Although there are some uses of Html and CSS, the main functions of  the projects were executed through P5JS, a javascript library. 

Art Direction

Jenny Kowalski


Move your mouse over the graphic display to control the dots on the “I” and the exclamation mark, and also the background color. The dot of the “I” is restricted to only move vertically, and the dot of the exclamation mark is restricted to only move horizontally.

Click on the tip of each candle to turn on and off the fire. The fire is created using the particle system. The illustration was created in photoshop and brought into the html file.

Click on each circle to change the color from dark to light. The animation is set by random array.